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We are bridging the gap between cryptocurrency and the community

The invention of Bitcoin in 2009 sparked a new wave of innovation around the world using blockchain technology. This innovation has led engineers, designers, cypherpunks and financial leaders to help foster a new digital economy.

But what about consumers? We understand that everyone is not a programmer or an investment banker so we aim to help small business owners, consumers and potential investors learn to use cryptocurrency.

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Why Bitcoin?


The backbone of any good currency is scarcity, which drives demand. Only 21 Million bitcoins will ever be mined and currently there are 16,564,325 BTC in circulation

Open Source

Anyone can check the technical specifications of Bitcoin and the blockchain. Experts agree, Bitcoin is secure and has a real-world utility.

Global Payments

Peer-to-peer payments across the globe can be made almost instantly with little to no fees.

Store of Value

Much like "digital gold", Bitcoin can be stored for future value and exchanged for goods.

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